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Rules of Casino Etiquette

Every time you wish to play at the casino you must remember that any casino game is interactive that is why you should follow the special rules in order not to get into trouble or look ill-mannered. Let's learn the basic rules of gaming etiquette which are obligatory at most games. Of course, if you choose to play, for example, internet roulette or online blackjack, all these rules are not required.


  • Don't touch the chips on the table after you made the bet.
  • In case you are going to Hit or Stand use the special signals.
  • At most the casinos the players are prohibited to touch the cards with both hands.
  • Never argue and never accuse the dealer if your cards are bad.
  • Feel free to consult the dealer if you are not familiar with the specific casino rules.
  • Never accuse the casino employee of cheating and do not try to find out what card there is in the hole.
  • Don't speak much at the blackjack table, it is not polite because it may bother someone.
  • In case you use the blackjack basic strategy card at the table, try not to refer to it very often.
  • If you don't like something at the blackjack table or thinks that the dealer is not competent just change the table.


  • Do not forget to exchange chips for cash when you leave the table as you won't be able to receive your win at any other place.
  • If you only wish to watch the game, don't occupy the free seats because they are for those who play.
  • The gamblers are not permitted to make bets after the dealer shouts 'No more bets, please'.
  • The players are not allowed to touch the wagered chips or take away their winnings from casino roulette table by themselves.
  • In case you wish to tip the dealer, place the chips aside your bet to let him notice that these chips are not for placing bet.


  • Avoid playing at several machines in case you are not able to watch them all.
  • Gamble only at one machine if the casino is crowded and there are many gamblers willing to play at slots.
  • In case you need to get away from the machine for a while and wish to show that you will come back, put the coin cup on the seat.
  • If someone has forgotten his gaming card in the machine, just put it on the top of the machine.


  • If you want to make change, do not hand money to the dealer because he is forbidden to take money directly from the gambler. You are to place the cash on the craps table and then ask to make change.
  • Never touch the chips on the craps table and always keep hands away from the betting layout not to disturb the play.
  • Use the special rails for the chips and tiny shelves for alcohol and don't put them directly on the table board.
  • Always be polite and don't cry out at the table.
  • Not all bets can be placed by the gambler at the craps table that is why you are to ask the dealer to make some bets for you.