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Casino Trivia

Most players who just spend time on the Internet to collect money at online casinos do not know that this kind of entertainment is not only profitable but also very old and interesting. Many fascinating facts are connected with gambling and popular casino games. Reveal some of them and find out more about gambling in general and different games in particular as well as such popular topics as Internet gambling litigation, games history, online blackjack and others.

1. It is thought that Roulette was designed by the famous scientist Blaise Pascal as a result of his tries and numerous tests held with the aim to develop perpetual motion machine.

2. The first cubes which are now used at craps table were used by tribesmen to predict the future events.

3. The first law which stopped gambling activities in the state of Massachusetts was put in force back in 1638.

4. All public gambling activities were legalized in the state of Nevada back in 1931.

5. According to studies, the players cheat more often at private games but not at special gambling venues.

6. In Las Vegas the number of all slot machines is so big that each eight resident can take a seat and gamble.

7. Purple crayons used at Bingo game are the most favorite with the Bingo fans.

8. If you calculate all numbers present on the roulette you will get 666 that is thought to be the number of Devil. Thus roulette game and gambling are usually associated with the Devil and Hell.

9. Huge casino stocks are often called the blue chips. Such name derived from poker games where blue chips have higher value than red and white ones.

10. There exist 44 million ways to make B-I-N-G-O on one Bingo card containing 90 numbers.

11. From Spanish the city name Las Vegas is translated the "meadows".

12. There are usually no windows and clocks at the casino halls and other gaming establishments.

13. Nearly 24% of American residents said that once they took part in illegal gambling.

14. Each day at Caesars Palace, one of the largest Las Vegas casinos, 7,000 breakfasts are prepared for gamblers. During 24 hours nearly 2.8 million eggs are eaten, 3,000 ounces of fresh juice and 427 pounds of coffee are drunk at the casino and hotel.

15. The MGM Grand casino in the city of Las Vegas is larger than the Yankee Stadium pitch.

16. Stratosphere Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas is the tallest construction west of the Mississippi.